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Dag Johnsen

Dabei seit: April 2016
4 Beiträge
  Invitation Historic sim racing league. 

Hello all gpl drivers.

Me and a couple of buddies have a gpl event every other tuesday on winroc. We talked and we want to expand this and see if any other gpl drivers out there is interested in joining in. Our first race for the fall season will be @ mexico on august 16th at 2000 CET.

The format is Int long approx 45 min racetime. 1 hour free practice.

Shift + R is allowed.

Other than that its gentlemanlike racing fully within the rules that applies here. We save a rpy of every race that can be downloaded and we are racing @ 36 fps.

Any and all are welcome as long as they are there to race and have fun. This is only for the love of gpl and for fun. We have a forum on winroc called historicraceforum were pswd will be given. Welcome.

Link to our league site.

C u on track.

25.06.2016, 16:36  
Fabian Casula

Dabei seit: Oktober 2008
Herkunft: Switzerland
808 Beiträge

hi Dag

thx for sharing the info.

I think I will show up for the first race if time allows. Don't know yet if I will be a regular participant though.

cu on track

29.06.2016, 18:04  
Bastian Grupp

Dabei seit: November 2010
450 Beiträge

Maybe you can place a quick reminder 3 days before 16th.

30.06.2016, 09:58  
Dag Johnsen

Dabei seit: April 2016
4 Beiträge

I will post a reminder a few days before the race.

The servername is AJserver
pswd = haha

10.07.2016, 12:18  

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