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Yannick Verheijen

Dabei seit: Januar 2016
Herkunft: Niederlande
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Hello everyone,

I got a small question regarding the Mexico Grand Prix tomorrow. I have Pavel's track add-on installed which adds tires and curbs around the track. I believe that this patch does sacrificie me a few seconds from what I can do without the patch installed.
Plus I think it may the hindering to see some drivers go over the kerbs and see nothing happen to them because he hasn't installed the patch.

Is there some a rule here about whether it is mandatory to have this patch or not?

Pavel's Track Add-On

05.03.2016, 16:11  
David Breedveld

Dabei seit: Januar 2010
Herkunft: Holland
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Hi Yannick,

Pavel's add-on is not mandatory. In general I think it's best we all drive on the same track with the same solid objects. When I evade an object nobody else can see, I'm behaving unpredictable, which might lead to a crash. This problem wouldn't be there if everyone uses the same add-on.

Last line of rule 4.5 says "Only changes to optical or acoustical aspects of the game are allowed." As far as I know, the add-on that removes the pitwall of Kyalami is the only exception to this. I mean, at Kyalami you are free to use or not to use the pitwall add-on. I think that decision was made because the add-on contributes to driver's "safety".

Best regards,

05.03.2016, 20:52  

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