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David Breedveld

Dabei seit: Januar 2010
Herkunft: Holland
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Track: Nurburg Sun Dec 20 04:27:24 2015


No practice.

RACE RESULTS (After 15 laps)

Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff
1 19 Gregory Taber Ferrari USA 15 122m39.895s
2 1 Kelvin Mace Eagle USA 15 123m40.164s 1m00.269s
3 17 Christof Gietzelt BRM GER 15 127m18.897s 4m39.002s
4 6 Andreas Gebhardt Lotus GER 14 119m05.620s 1 lap(s)
5 15 Mike Ziehbauer Ferrari AUT 10 86m59.273s 5 lap(s)
6 20 Fabian Casula Cooper SUI 10 87m01.205s 5 lap(s)
7 3 Radek Petera Brabham GBR 9 74m07.815s 6 lap(s)
8 9 Harald Podzielny Eagle GER 7 58m13.665s 8 lap(s)
9 14 Lasse Oetinger Brabham GER 6 49m44.472s 9 lap(s)
10 18 Claudio Callipo Ferrari ITA 3 25m04.799s 12 lap(s)
11 5 Carsten Theile Brabham GER 2 16m22.955s 13 lap(s)
12 2 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 1 8m28.119s 14 lap(s)
13 7 Albrecht Kleinfeld Eagle GER 0 0m00.000s 15 lap(s)
14 11 Iestyn Davies Lotus GBR 0 0m00.000s 15 lap(s)
15 13 David Breedveld Ferrari HOL 0 DidNotStart 15 lap(s)
16 4 EOLC1 Brabham GER 0 DidNotStart 15 lap(s)

Race results are unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)


Pos Driver Time Lap
1 Gregory Taber 8m01.201s 15
2 Carsten Theile 8m04.665s 2
3 Radek Petera 8m07.376s 6
4 Kelvin Mace 8m07.779s 7
5 Harald Podzielny 8m09.465s 6
6 Lasse Oetinger 8m10.934s 6
7 Christof Gietzelt 8m14.332s 15
8 Claudio Callipo 8m14.490s 3
9 Andreas Gebhardt 8m20.056s 14
10 Mike Ziehbauer 8m26.105s 7
11 Pelle Buchner 8m29.102s 1
12 Fabian Casula 8m31.503s 7
13 Albrecht Kleinfeld No time
14 EOLC1 No time
15 David Breedveld No time
16 Iestyn Davies No time


Driver Laps
Carsten Theile 1-2
Kelvin Mace 3-7
Radek Petera 8-9
Gregory Taber 10-15

Number of lead changes: 3
Number of leaders: 4


Driver Laps led
Gregory Taber 6
Kelvin Mace 5
Radek Petera 2
Carsten Theile 2

Replay doesn't contain practice info - skipping "Highest Climber" table


Driver Laps/Total Percent
Radek Petera (0/9) 0.00
Andreas Gebhardt (0/14) 0.00
Kelvin Mace (0/15) 0.00
Harald Podzielny (0/7) 0.00
Pelle Buchner (0/1) 0.00
Claudio Callipo (0/3) 0.00
Carsten Theile (0/2) 0.00
Gregory Taber (0/15) 0.00
Lasse Oetinger (0/6) 0.00
Mike Ziehbauer (0/10) 0.00
Fabian Casula (0/10) 0.00
Christof Gietzelt (0/15) 0.00

(first lap excluded)

Driver Avg Deviation Std Deviation Avg Laptime Laps
Carsten Theile 0.000 0.000 8m04.665s 2
Lasse Oetinger 1.684 1.902 8m13.433s 6
Claudio Callipo 2.061 2.061 8m16.551s 3
Kelvin Mace 2.667 3.911 8m13.950s 15
Radek Petera 2.732 3.085 8m11.638s 9
Fabian Casula 2.798 3.696 8m40.738s 10
Harald Podzielny 3.028 4.176 8m17.323s 7
Andreas Gebhardt 3.933 4.645 8m29.572s 14
Gregory Taber 4.932 5.655 8m08.885s 15
Christof Gietzelt 5.515 6.885 8m25.403s 15
Mike Ziehbauer 8.901 12.446 8m36.796s 10

All times are unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)

Generated with GPL Replay Analyser

Gregory Taber is the winner of the Grand Prix of the Lange Ringnacht 2015


20.12.2015, 05:58  
Pelle Buchner

Dabei seit: Oktober 2015
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Big Grats GT, fantastic & grats to KM & CG

As I said in the other thread, I did my best, but I was burned out for this GP race

20.12.2015, 15:17  
Bastian Grupp

Dabei seit: November 2010
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I was too tired, was home for Gp time about 1pm German Time. hope you had fun

20.12.2015, 16:17  
Gregory Taber

Dabei seit: Dezember 2014
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Congratulations Kelvin and Christof! Excellent job guys! Just finishing is a feat itself. I'm more impressed with Chris than myself. I don't have the fortitude to try something as difficult as completing the German GP in a BRM.

Last year I tried to fall to the back of the field in the GP and take it easy early in the race. That didn't work well at all. This time I tried to hold my position and be careful. It was a lot of fun trying to keep up with Lasse and Radek. I tried not to do anything too stupid, but I wasn't going to back down either. My consistency is still lacking though. I needed to be able to make mistakes regularly without causing a disaster. Once Lasse and Radek retired is was somewhat easy being able to drastically slow whenever I got in trouble.

Lap 8 and 13 were very ugly. I had my doubts I'd finish on lap 8. Lap 13 started very sloppy. Later in that lap I slowed down a few times to relax and rest my aching right foot. I kept my pace up somewhat for most of the race. I didn't want to make the mistake of lulling myself to sleep by being too cautious.

I'm very pleased to complete the entire event. I ran about 8 laps with oAo prior to this event. I did approximately 1000kms at the Nurburgring. I could do it again next weekend if I didn't drive any this week. I love this event.

Thanks guys. It's kind of you to let me participate and I appreciate it.

20.12.2015, 17:41  
Andreas Gebhardt

Dabei seit: September 2006
Herkunft: Deutschland
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Big Gratulations to the new "Ringmeister".

A full GP at the Nordschleife is one of best Events with GPL!

Towards the end of this big Race I found myself in third Position (Big Surprise to me). Then a very fast BRM was heading on my back (Even a bigger Surprise to me ). Tryed to defend that 3rd Spot, but Christof was to fast for me. Then in the last lap I overshoot it at Wehrseifen. So I am only best of the rest.

Looking forward to the next "Lange Ringnacht".

20.12.2015, 18:22  

Dabei seit: Juni 2005
Herkunft: Holland
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Gregory, Congratulations with your wel deserved titel "Ringmeister".

Grats to Kelvin and Christof to.
And a big bowdown for everyone starting this great event.

Thanks David for all your work!!!

20.12.2015, 20:19  

Dabei seit: Januar 2006
Herkunft: Essen/NRW
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Grats Gregory,starke Leistung und auch an Kelvin und Chris Ich war dann einfach zu müde und war eher froh nach meinem Unfall


26.12.2015, 16:02  
Kelvin Mace

Dabei seit: Juli 2007
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In deed, once again what an outstanding event to finish the season
The seven sprint races prior to the GP guaranteed a ton of on track action. Racing on the edge of an emotional rollercoaster, from joy to frustration, from fortune to mishap, quite a thrill!
At about 2.45 am the GP race started ; what an absurd time to start a GP. I was really lucky 'cause I was in the 2nd row on the grid. I took it quite easy in the first 2 laps and settled in for 3rd behind Carsten (Brabham) & Pelle (Eagle). Well, due to the on track mayhem during the first seven sprint races there still must have been some speedy dry or debris out on track in the Hohenrain Schikane . Pelle’s and Carsten’s day ended much too early just at this crucial place , what put me up in the leader’s spot. I still took it easy and tried to control the gap to Radek in 2nd with lap times at 8:12 min/lap. That wasn’t fast enough, so I speeded up the pace to 8:07 on lap 7. I still wasn’t driving on the edge but this GPL marathon (racing for over 7 hours) left its marks mentally and even physically . The lack of concentration caught me on lap 8 as I entered the 2nd lefthander after the Karusell. Glad that I didn’t hit a thing, but I dropped back to 3rd behind Radek and Gregory right at the half way mark of the race. First I tried to keep up with the leaders pace, but I had to realize that I was much too exhausted to race safely to the end at that kind of speed (low 8min/lap) . What also came to my mind was the discussion about fuel consumption prior to the start. One of the Brabhams started with 155 liters, …dear, I started the race with only 148 litres in my Eagle and I suddenly had the bad feeling that I miss calculated the whole thing some how.
Anyway, still 7 laps to go, the frontrunners with an outstanding pace, my body more and more acing (neck, shoulders, arms, knees and back) and my mind was playing tricks on me with the uncertainty of running out of fuel . So I made the decision to bring home the Eagle in one piece with a conservative pace
--> Main target: Finish the GP
Finally I saw the chequered in 2nd to overcome all obstacles That also feels like a victory. Back in the garage my mechanics checked the amount of fuel left in the gas tank: Amazingly I did the 15 lap GP with a total of only 129 liters . guess I won the golden pollution badge in this race. But to be honest even if I had decided to speed up the pace after midway I was mentally and physically too worn to do so .

Grats Gregory!! Awesome race! Very smart, with an outstanding pace.

Grats Chris! Very strong performance to finish the GP in 3rd with a BRM

All the credits to David for hosting this spectacular event! You are a real treasure.
Looking forward to C U on track next time guys, Kelvin

PS: still putting together some RingN8-GP stats, ..stay tuned ….

30.12.2015, 17:03  
Kelvin Mace

Dabei seit: Juli 2007
Herkunft: Bayern
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Hi Folks,

first of all sorry for the lengthy delay , but finally as promised here are some statistics in reference to the famous Nürburgring night GP :

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any race results prior to 2004 .
- There was no Long Night Of The Ring event in 2003 .
- In 2004 the RingN8 GP was cancelled due to track time overrun caused by the earlier races. The officials, as most of the drivers didn’t get the permission to start a GP after 4.00 am .
- In 2006 no one survived the mighty 15 lap greenhell rush! According to rumours, the last driver out on track was too bored to race to the finish and stepped out of the car .

Here’s a review of all the RingN8 GP survivors sorted from fastest to slowest:
1. Carsten Theile 2012 119m00.225s
2. Carsten Theile 2011 119m12.517s
3. Gerd Höfferer 2007 121m46,497s
4. Harald Podzielny 2014 122m08.398s
5. Julian Poppe 2012 122m14.664s
6. Joerg Neufeld 2010 122m39.177s
7. Gregory Taber 2015 122m39.895s
8. Carsten Theile 2013 122m43.450s
9. Joerg Neufeld 2013 123m22.741s
10. Kelvin Mace 2015 123m40.164s
11. Claudio Callipo 2011 124m14.071s
12. Kelvin Mace 2012 124m38.516s
13. Michael Dobeck 2009 124m43,975s
14. Florian Mengedoht 2005 124m53,454s
15. Nils Plonus 2007 125m54,344s
16. Kelvin Mace 2009 126m43,045s
17. Christof Gietzelt 2015 127m18.897s
18. Patrick Kessler 2008 127m54,325s
19. Radek Petera 2008 128m11,703s
20. Frank Peters 2005 128m43,931s
21. Kelvin Mace 2010 131m07.558s
22. Manfed Setzner 2009 132m18,141s
23. Fabian Casula 2012 119m09.818s (-1 lap)
24. Andreas Gebhardt 2011 119m43.914s (-1 lap)
25. Fabian Casula 2011 120m00.062s (-1 lap)
26. Fabian Casula 2010 123m37.629s (-1 lap)
27. Radek Petera 2012 126m17.948s (-1 lap)

This stats shows all the winners throughout the years:
3x Carsten Theile: 2013; 2012; 2011
1x Gregory Taber: 2015
1x Harald Podzielny: 2014
1x Joerg Neufeld: 2010
1x Michael Dobeck: 2009
1x Patrick Kessler: 2008
1x Gerd Höfferer: 2007
1x Florian Mengedoht: 2005

Not only that carsten won more than once, …he won 3 in a row !

Here are the fastest RingN8 GP (15laps) total race times for each car:
119m00.225s Carsten Theile 2012

121m46.497s Gerd Höfferer 2007

124m38.516s Kelvin Mace 2012

125m54,344s Nils Plonus 2007

126m43,045s Kelvin Mace 2009

122m43.450s Carsten Theile 2013

123m40.164s Kelvin Mace 2015

And finally the die hard stats - RingN8 GP finishing (surviving) stats:
4x* Kelvin Mace: 2009; 2010; 2012; 2015
3x Carsten Theile: 2011; 2012; 2013
3x Fabian Casula: 2010; 2011; 2012
2x Jörg Neufeld: 2010; 2013
2x Radek Petera: 2008; 2012
1x Gerd Höfferer: 2007
1x Harald Podzielny: 2014
1x Julian Poppe: 2012
1x Gregory Taber 2015
1x Claudio Callipo: 2011
1x Michael Dobeck: 2009
1x Florian Mengedoht: 2005
1x Nils Plonus: 2007
1x Christof Gietzelt: 2015
1x Patrick Kessler: 2008
1x Frank Peters: 2005
1x Manfed Setzner: 2009
1x Andreas Gebhardt: 2011

*Note: This stats are a little skewed, ‘cause my first race was in 2009 Carsten started his chase 2 years later in 2011.

C U on track, Kelvin

05.01.2016, 14:52  
Chris Gietzelt

Dabei seit: Dezember 2006
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many thanks --> i love it Kelvin - Hans isn´t here, so we can make a lot of statistics

i postcalculated with your results a little bit:

119m00.225s Carsten Theile 2012 / 7m56,015 average time per round / 102,6% of WR

121m46.497s Gerd Höfferer 2007 / 8m07,100 average time per round / 104,1% of WR

124m38.516s Kelvin Mace 2012 / 8m18,568 average time per round / 106,3% of WR

125m54,344s Nils Plonus 2007 / 8m23,623 average time per round / 106,4% of WR

126m43,045s Kelvin Mace 2009 / 8m26,870 average time per round / 107,4% of WR

122m43.450s Carsten Theile 2013 / 8m10,897 average time per round / 103,4% of WR

123m40.164s Kelvin Mace 2015 / 8m14,678 average time per round / 105,9% of WR

06.01.2016, 11:44  

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