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Jens Kraft

Dabei seit: August 2006
4457 Beiträge
  Race Track Builder 

enjoy this one,

25.03.2015, 18:56  
Jens Kraft

Dabei seit: August 2006
4457 Beiträge

edit: he took 7 minutes for laguna seca and it is not wirse than the 67 or 90s version we see in GPL, of course except the terrain.

the banking is extremely accurate.

now imagine u can use this tool for gpl.

not good.

imagine u can use this tool as is and use the assetto engine to drive all our 67 cars. we can race in the morning in september or in the high noon of june. temperatures, eveerything recalculated. all the different tarmac. everything.

perfect. better than iracing.
and i paid less than 20euro for assetto corsa.

only problem: i sstopped racing and even despite buying it 18 months ago i ahvent spend more than 12 hours on it. but it was much more detailed and even harder than GPL. and that .. .was very cool.

in a post 2 years ago u can read that i wanted the gpl community to put the effort to assetto corsa. we already have rfactor mods taht are the gpl 65 mod. we already ahve all tracks there. if the modders of can am mod or whoever would have put the same energy to assetto corsa, whole gpl would be re-alive ...

05.10.2015, 18:52  
Jens Kraft

Dabei seit: August 2006
4457 Beiträge

after i explained you all those advantages ...

technology is already a step forward. its not 20times easier ...

now about 5times more:

just drive where u live and record it.

optical regognition will do the rest.

u can even combine this with real world...
result: build targa florio in 5 hours,

refine it 200 hours

make some artwork after 1000hours with 5 people u need half a year.

for best evö

or just wait 5 years and i am sure it will take less time

28.01.2016, 23:42  

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