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Dabei seit: Juni 2005
Herkunft: Holland
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  Pocono update 

Kelvin has anounced at SRMZ the Pocono Oval race we wil drive on march the 28.

Here you can find the track (1e post) and a update for this track (2e post).

26.02.2010, 20:40  
Kelvin Mace

Dabei seit: Juli 2007
Herkunft: Bayern
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Thanks Pedro

27.02.2010, 16:56  
Carsten Theile

Dabei seit: Februar 2006
Herkunft: Dresden
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Nice textures. Thanks for pointing us over there

EDIT: There's a draw-ahead fix
Can't say whether it's of use. And it may overwrite some files of Kevin's update.
EDIT2: Or Kevin's update has it already included, hm.


27.03.2010, 19:13  

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