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Radek Petera

Dabei seit: Dezember 2004
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And of course, one more HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me. I don't know if I should write it english or deutsch, but I hope, in english will understand more people

I joined in the beginning of season 05, so I'm with EOLC practically one half of its history. I participate in many off and on-line leagues (and not only with GPL), but I'm sure, that this is the best. And I dare say, that EOLC is one of the best parts of my life. I was connected from three cities. Of course I rememeber some disappointment, when I was disconnected, or I stupidly crashed, but many more races were good or even great
10 years is really old age and I must express some sadness, when I see many of my competitors retired. I remember 4 Grids and now we have just 2. My biggest wish is to stop this tendency, because I want to race here as long as possible.

So thank you all admins for organize this challenge and also thank you all competitors for the racing.

Thanks to Papyrus, the autor of GPL, because it is still the best simulator, although new sims have "little bit" better graphics.

And I must thank actors of the season 67, the best F1 season ever - Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Danny Hulme, Jack Brabham, Colin Chapman and many others. And I can't forget Sir Alfred Owen and his the most beautiful car

12.10.2009, 23:21  
Andrew Zich

Dabei seit: April 2007
Herkunft: Berlin, Germany, Europe
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SPAM - Alarm !!!! 

Achtung, achtung....
Spam-Alarm (!)
Alle Admins auf Gefechtsstation...

was ist das denn für ein Mist hier??

Edit (10:30 Uhr):
Ohhh, das ging ja schnell, danke an den unbekannten Admin, der scheinbar den ganzen Spam-Mist gelöscht hat.

08.07.2010, 09:20  

Dabei seit: Juni 2005
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Original von Jens-Rainer Gudat
10 Jahre Online Rennen im Namen der EOLC---was für eine stolze Leistung!!

And that was already (more) then 2 years ago

13.10.2011, 20:36  

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