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[ENGLISH]EOLC Introduction 

The European Online Challenge (EOLC) focuses on the simulation "Grand Prix Legends". Usually every two weeks, exciting races take place on the world's most legendary racing circuits.

Our goal as a league is to provide a fair and friendly environment where drivers of all skill levels can partake. To ensure this, every official race is checked for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Apart from that, few restrictions apply: Drivers may arbitrarily switch cars during a season and may partake in every race of every cup; in particular, they may enter and leave a cup at will.

To join the EOLC, simply use the Registration link. Registration - like everything else - is free. You can join at any time and from then on may join any race (see below). Your only obligation is to use your real name when registering and to obey the rules. Please take some time to study them.

If you want to partake in a race you have to apply. Don't worry: Every registered member is guaranteed to get a starting position, your application is only needed to help the admins organize the event.

There are two possible ways to apply:

  • Using the link "Application for the next race" in your personal menu
  • Posting in the thread "Anmeldung für [Track Name]" in the subforum "Raceforum"
When applying, you'll inform us about the car you will use in the next race and your personal best (PB) you've achieved with this car on the track. You have to update your application if you want to switch cars and/or improved your PB.

Everyone (including non-members) may train on our servers. Only on wednesday evenings and on race sundays one or more of our servers are password-protected. As a member, you'll find the password in your personal menu.

Official Races
To ensure every driver can race in a competitive environment, the drivers are seperated in up to four starting grids. On race sunday the so called "Grideinteilung" (grid assignments) will be posted in the race forum. There you can see in which grid you'll have to drive. If there are any track specific rules, they will be announced in this post, too.

Before the race, all drivers meet in the VROC chat room "EOLC" at 20:00 CEST (summer time) or 19:00 CET (winter time). At around 19:15/20:15 the drivers enter their respective grid room ("GRID_A", "GRID_B", "GRID_C" or "GRID_D"); this change will be initiated by one of the admins. In those rooms the grid-specific server and password will be announced. Immediatly after that the drivers may join and begin qualifying which will last 30 minutes. (If a driver is late, he'll find server and password in his personal menu).

The usual race distance is 1/2 GP, exceptions are the races of the Oval and Ironman Cup (see the additional rules regarding these cups) as well as some special events.

After the race the drivers may meet again in the chat rooms to discuss their races.

Shortly after the races, the unoffical results will be posted in the race forum. Every driver is invited though not required to give his personal race impression in these threads.

On Monday, the server replay can be downloaded from Results>>Current Results.

During the following days, the admins will thoroughly examine the server replay. Since every lap of every driver is checked, there is no need to report offences. We belive this procedure is the only way to guarantee fair and equal treatment of all drivers.

Finally, the official result (including all penalties) will be posted in the race forum. We encourage every driver who feels a penalty is not justified or thinks an offence was overlooked to contact the admins either directly in the thread or via PM - the admins are humans after all and do make mistakes.

Additional services
The Testweek provides extensive statistics for all training races.

Every driver's career is tracked. One's own career can be reached by the link "My career", foreign careers can be reached by clicking on "Steckbrief" in the respective driver's profile.

Beside the regular races, sporadic special events are held, like the yearly Night of the Ring, in which one can race on the Nürburgring track until the very last participant has given up (which, from experience, is about 5 a.m....).

Last but not least the EOLC has its own TeamSpeak-Server. Everyone who wants an account simply has to PM Stefan Pfeifer.

The yearly winners of the all cups will get a goblet; in addition, the three best Challenge Cup drivers will get a medal.

If you are wondering: The prizes, server, etc. are paid by the admins. If you absolutely want to donate, you may do so, though this is neither required nor expected.


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