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Dabei seit: Juni 2005
Herkunft: Holland
1310 Beitrge

Help, I need help,

I am trying to setup my car for the 21-8 event with 9 laps off fuel.
My problem is oversteer exiting the corners, and a tail happy car after a little mistake.

Can any body tell me what to do,
or send me a (good) setup fore the Eagle, Ferrari or any cassis for the Nürburgring, that can be driven with 9 laps off fuel.

Don't be frightened that I will beat you in the race, my PB of 8:26:12 is a lucky one

Thanks in advance

06.08.2005, 21:03  
Petr Hlavac

Dabei seit: Oktober 2004
Herkunft: Brno (Brünn), Czech Republic
566 Beitrge

Hi Pedro,

try some of these: [URL=][/URL]

I use Oliver Reinhold for the Ring, because it is more understeering than GH2 (my usual setup). I find it safer. And feeling comfortable in the Green Hell is very important. More important than anywhere else I'm not sure, if Olli will suite you, but I beleive that you will find a good setup for you on this page Good luck!


06.08.2005, 21:36  

Dabei seit: Mai 2004
Herkunft: Großenkneten, zwischen Oldenburg und Bremen
1119 Beitrge

Try one of those [URL=]124 Nürburgring Setups[/URL]

You especially want to try out the "GH" setups which are a bit easier for non-aliens (NOT GH2). You'll also find "ShortGP, LongGP and FullGP" variants of them to take the heavier car into account.


06.08.2005, 21:41  

Dabei seit: April 2004
Herkunft: Deutschland M/V
1877 Beitrge

or try a little less negative chamber (or even more positive) at the rear.

07.08.2005, 10:42  

Dabei seit: Januar 2004
Herkunft: Landsberg am Lech
168 Beitrge

Hi Pedro,

if you still have problems feeling comfortable, you might send me your setup and i could give it a try to make it more behave like you describe to.

It is also worth having Nunninis Site [URL=]Link[/URL] in your favourits.


07.08.2005, 23:39  

Dabei seit: Juni 2005
Herkunft: Holland
1310 Beitrge

Thanks, All.

I use a GH setup now, and I must say it feels a bit better now. (I will keep on going)
Only my free time is to short to try all 124 and more

And Rico, the positive Camber , well lets say it dasn't help me, thanks anyway.

Y.Yilmaxx. the link you show me is one I know. Lots of info yes, lots of questions remain.

Short answers there are not,I know.
I try to understand the feeling and the adjustments I make, but feeling is one and adjusting the right things something different.

In short this is what I do:
Oversteer - more back rollbar
More grip - soften the springs

My problem (and I think I am not alone) is:
Understeer corner-in
Oversteer corner-out
Ore a wobelybobely ( ) front corner-out,...........can you stil follow me..
When I look at the different setups the fast guys give to us, I see many opposite things.
The one is using lots off bumbs en rebounds athers don"t, verry confusing?

And thanks for the offer to look at my setup ,....were can I send it to?

08.08.2005, 22:42  

Dabei seit: November 2003
Herkunft: Tuttlingen / Darmstadt
949 Beitrge

Your problem - understeer corner in, oversteer corner out - can be solved with the right differential choice. I dont know how much you know about it; I mean the differential locking.
There are two numbers which can be chosen from 30/30, 45/30,..., until 85/85.
The first number is for the locking speed of the differential during you accelerate, the second for the locking speed when the accelerator pedal isnt pressed .
You should do the second number first. When you chose a high number, the car oversteers when you stop accelerating, for example at the beginning of the corner. Try it, you wont have problems with understeering at the beginning of a corner... With a high number you probably have to stabilize the car with the throttle while you brake it down (it depends on your brake ratio).
Then you have to chose the first number. The number is also for the locking speed, small numbers cause much oversteering when you press the throttle. With the choice of 85/XX you are normally not able to do a power-oversteer, so if you have problems with oversteer at the end of the corner, you have to choose a high(er) first number.

I hope i could help a bit.
Maybe you can send your setup to so I can look at it...


09.08.2005, 16:29  

Dabei seit: Juni 2005
Herkunft: Holland
1310 Beitrge

Seb You were right

I had a 80/45 setup, this give's indeed more oversteer corner-out.
Now I use a 80/30, afther several laps of practice I must say this feels so much better.
So I think I stick to this (easy) 80/30 for now.

I have to focus on stayiing on the gray now, and out of the green and clear from the "Nurby" tree.

My sector time's with 9 laps off feull are the same as my PB time with 3 laps fuell.
Only keeping the car in one peace........for only 2 laps.......that's now the Challenge.

Thank everybody for the input, I feel much comfortable now

09.08.2005, 22:58  

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